Why Meditate

I often find that after seeing someone I  will recommend that they try meditation, there’s a lot of reasons for this. A lot of the time people who I see have come to me for reasons that can be resolved by relaxing your body more and getting a bit of head space. Just to be […]

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Basic Meditation

Hi as promised a second meditation to help get you started. But before that several people have asked me about background music when meditating, this is really down to personal choice, there is a vast array of music aimed at helping people meditate some of it is very good and some of it is just […]

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Short Meditations to help with stress

So you need to get some time out but you only have five minutes or so to do it. What do you do? well you could grab a coffee light up a cigarette or you could do one of these quick five-minute meditations. Find somewhere quiet. If this  is difficult use the toilet, sounds a […]

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