Find your inner happy and learn to enjoy life again with hypnotherapy and NLP for depression.

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined get to the root of the depression quickly and effectively, enabling you to move on from a depressed state and very importantly, stay out of it.

  • Become happier and at piece with your self
  • Enjoy the things you used to enjoy
  • Banish repetitive negative thoughts
  • Rediscover a good nights sleep
  • Enjoy increased energy levels
  • Discover a newfound enthusiasm for life
  • Reconnect with those around you and end the isolation of depression

During your sessions I will give you the tools you need to maintain your newfound state of wellbeing, and help you understand the importance of ownership over your own mental health.

My experience in treating depression…

The triggers that cause a person to drop into a depressive state vary from person to person. The only unifying fact is the change in the brains chemical production. I use counselling during the consultation, and at the start of each session to assess progress. The rest of the session I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP to get to the root of the problem. I also enable clients to see the connection between the simple things that can contribute to depression – such as the way you stand and walk, the things you allow into your mind via TV, social media, and friends. The majority of my clients’ issues are resolved in 4 -5 sessions.


5 star He is amazing I lost 3 and a half stone after seeing him and being hypnotised, recommended to all! X

Beci Mann

5 star I finally quit smoking!!!

Ruth Smith