Mind your thoughts.

Minding your thoughts is a lot more important than you may think, this is because we   really are the sum total of what we think we are. So if we become what we believe we are then it stands to reason that what we allow into our minds should be our choice and not the choice of others unless the message they are giving us is positive and likely to enrich our life . If we allow others to influence what we think or in fact what we have access to in order to form our thoughts then there is a risk that we will become what they want or need us to be.
Now it may surprise you to know that we have on average 48,000 to 60,000 thoughts about ourselves, our situation, loved ones and our life in general each day. So if we have all these thoughts every day how must it feel to have all of them be negative? Thoughts such as I am stupid, fat, ugly, worthless, it’s going to feel lousy and the sad fact is that for a lot of people this is what happens to them on a daily basis and this is what it looks like.
Thoughts = Beliefs = Behaviours = Reality.  Their reality in turn creates more of the same thoughts and so the constant negative cycle just contues round and round. Someone who is perfectly happy can if given the constant thought that they are worthless  will over time form a belief that they are worthless and will adopt the behaviour’s that they believe belong to someone who is worthless and over time thier reality will be that of someone who in their eyes is in fact worthless.
So how can you break the cycle? If at all possible stop listening to the negative talk and suggestions that you are getting from others and then start correcting the negative thoughts whenever they happen. And if you really feel that you can’t think of any nice positive thoughts about yourself then lie! Yes that’s right just start lying to yourself after all nobody starts of in life feeling worthless there made to feel this way by others and you believed it even though it was a lie they told you for their own reasons.
What I mean is we can tell ourselves that we are happy and have the right to be happy, and over time this thought that we are happy turns into a Belief that we are happy and this causes us to adopt the behaviours of someone who is happy which in turn gives us the reality of actually being happy.
You can use this to change pretty much any negative thoughts that you have about yourself .Weight loss is a good example of this. Often people loose the weight that they want but fail to truly belive that they are slim so they never change their behavoiours.In the end they go back to being over weight because they still believe they are an over weight person.Their beliefs and behaviours win out in the end and they end up with the reality of being over weight. Of course it will take time, but time spent giving yourself a better life is a whole lot better that spending your whole life stuck in a negative thought pattern that stops you fulfilling your true potential. So start changing the way you think and begin the journey to the life you want and deserve.


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