Motivate yourself for weight loss

Are you struggling with your weight loss motivation? Don’t know how to kick-start your resolution to lose weight? The best place to start losing weight is in your mind. With these inspirational tips to help you succeed, you’ll quickly climb back up the weight loss motivation ladder and feel refreshed and raring to continue and see a New You.

Remind yourself of your original motivation to Lose Weight

Start by reminding yourself what set you off on the road to wanting to lose weight in the first place was is looking at a fat photo of yourself? Did the bathroom scales reach breaking point? Not being able to find any clothes you liked to fit you?

Realizing that even the smallest tasks was making you feel out of puff?

Close your eyes and go back to the moment when you decided once and for all to lose weight. If you still have that photo, take another look and remind yourself what you didn’t like about it.

Dig out some clothes that are still way too tight and try them on. Transporting yourself back to your ‘turning point’ should relight your motivation to lose weight.

Write down all the benefits of Losing Weight

Many people only see a slim body as the main benefit of weight loss, with the result that if they don’t quickly see an improvement they end up feeling dissatisfied. If you haven’t already done so, write a list of ALL the positives you’ll get from losing weight and reaching your goal.

As well as looking amazing, the list could include things such as

More energy

Lowering your blood pressure

Improving you fitness levels

Not getting out of breath.

Feeling comfortable in jeans

Having more fun during sex

Able to try new sports

Most people who lose weight say they get far more out of life once they’re slim and as well as being healthier, they feel happier and have more confidence. People reported that they:

Had more energy

Experienced a better mood

Had more confidence

Improved health

Visualize the new slim you

If things get tough, spend some time visualizing yourself as a slimmer, fitter and healthier you.

How does it feel?

How much more confidant are you?

How do you look?

What are you wearing?

How do you move?

How do you talk to other people?

How much more energetic do you feel?

What are you doing in your new life?

What ambitions do you have?

What changes have you made?

Hold onto this image of the new you and take time to revisit it whenever you feel like giving up.

Remember it’s All About You

Remind yourself who you are losing weight for. The key to staying motivated wants to do it just for YOU. If you’re trying to lose weight as a result of pressure from family, friends or your GP, you’ll constantly struggle! People who successfully lose weight – and keep it off – do it for themselves.

So make sure you’re shifting those pounds for the only person that counts – and that’s YOU!



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