Hypnotherapy Downloads

Effective audio downloads you can listen to whenever suits you. These MP3 downloads are effective tools on their own, and extremely powerful when used to support 1-2-1 sessions. Sign up to my newsletter to get your first download for free!

Control Stress

Too much strain and tension in your life can be pretty damaging, leading to exhaustion, anxiety, depression and physical illness. The stress management hypnosis download will provide you with the tools needed for dealing with the pressures of life, enabling you to regain control of your emotions. Listen to this on a daily basis for at least 21 days to get the maximum effect.

Gain More Confidence MP3 and Four-Week E-Course

Through deep relaxation and listening to empowering suggestions you can rebuild your confidence and find yourself able to take on the challenges of life. Used on a daily basis, this MP3 and accompanying downloadable course will enable you to become more emotionally flexible and creative, and naturally feel better about yourself.

Stop Smoking

You have probably tried to help yourself break your addiction before, but have found that no matter how hard you try, it ambushes you at your weakest moments. Hypnosis can help you escape the clutches of addiction by helping you train your brain to “step out” of the addictive trance state before it happens. Use this MP3 on a daily basis for maximum effect.

Regain motivation

Do you find it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to boost your enthusiasm for life and get motivated. When you go into hypnosis, and relax, really deeply, you become detached from your “everyday mind” with its fixed patterns and its regular burdens that grind you down. Your mind literally “opens up”, ready to receive new insights and create new perspectives on your life. This MP3 comes with accompanying downloadable e-book with useful tips and exercises you should use in conjunction with your MP3.

Learn to Relax

Of all the relaxation techniques and methods you could use, hypnosis and guided imagery are far and away the most effective. Use this free download to start relaxing today. Listen now > Free Relaxation MP3

Free downloadable resources

Download free videos, documents, resources and PDF’s – courtesy of Andrew Norton Hypnotherapy. >> Find out more