Ten ways to increase your self-esteem

We all have days when we feel down or lacking in  self-esteem or confidence. Well its time to give your self a boost with these ten easy things you can start doing right now to help yourself.

  1. Complement yourself. If you have done a good job tell yourself you have. Just had a new hair cut tell yourself it looks good, after all if you can’t complement yourself how do you expect other people to do it?
  2. Smile. Yes it can be that simple! You tend to get back what you put out. If you wander around looking grumpy then the chances are people will be grumpy back. So smile more and you will get more smiles back:)
  3. Ask for help if you need it. If you are struggling with something at work or in you personal life ask for help .Good lines of communications are often the best way to resolve issues that are holding you back
  4. Stop comparing your life to others. With social media giving us the opportunity to put every moment of our lives up for the world to see its inevitable that we start to compare our lives to others. Even though what we see  in all liklihood is only a small snapshot of what the person wants the world to see.
  5. Consider how far you have come in life and not how far you think you still have to go. Even the most successful people had to start somewhere. If we spend all our time worrying about how far we have to go to reach our goals you may find yourself going no where.
  6. Stop eating junk food. All the additives and chemicals in fast food and ready meals can for many people have a negative effect on how they feel. Ditch the junk and eat healthily and you will start to feel better.
  7. Take some exercise. The endorphins released by your brain during and after exercise will give you an instant lift. Remember it doesnt have to be a trip to the gym it could  as an example be a walk or if you prefer some gardening.
  8. Get outside. Get out for a walk, eat your lunch outside. It will get you away from the stress and pressure of both the work place and home giving you time to gather your thoughts and find a bit of peace.
  9. Socially engage with friends and family.  Spending time with the people in your life who matter the most to you. Or if you can’t get to meet them call or Skype them just touching base can be very therapeutic.
  10. Do something you are passionate about. We are at our happiest when we are doing something that we love .Try to find the space to do whatever this is for you for just a short while every day.

Untill next time think positive and stay positive


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