The challenge of change

Change, at some point in our lives it’s something we all feel the need for. Although your mind can give you a multitude of reasons to change and on occasions solid evidence that it has to happen. Such as stopping smoking, losing weight or getting a new job, the whole thing can feel like an uphill struggle. As you sit in your favorite chair watching the tv it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re just not the kind of person that makes changes and then you start to sink back into the same old rut.

One of the biggest obstacles to change is the uncertainty of what things will be like if we make the change that we need or want. So we hang on to the idea that our view and perspective on the world is reality. We use our imaginations and past experiences to construct a picture of the world, making sure that it fits in with our view and image of how things are. We never see the world or in fact our  lives as they really are but only as we see it trapped in our own personal interpretation of the world.Then because we are so wrapped up in our own view of the world  if any one around us changes we become aggravated with them. If they change this directly challenges your view of the world.

This is a problem for those trying to change, when you do change people don’t like it and those closest to you often have the biggest problem with you changing. They find that they are incapable of letting go of their image of you, even if you have changed the way you feel and act they need you to revert back to your old self in order for them to maintain their own view of the world. You changing directly challenges their view-point. You can see this in action all the time, the person who is trying to lose weight while their friends (supposedly) try to tempt them with cake, the person who has given up smoking and whose still smoking friends tell them that they are boring now.

They need you to stay the same because if you don’t and you change, as well as interfering with their view of the world and life it puts them in the position of having to ask themselves if you have changed why can’t I? Without realising it you have directly challenged them and nobody likes to be directly challenged.

So how can you change and why are some people successful and others fall by the wayside. We’ll start with the small stuff got a favorite chair at home ? sit in a different one, try a different aftershave, buy something different for lunch ,most of us buy the same things every lunch time and eat it on auto piolit. When you feel comfortable with the small stuff move on to the big stuff the scary stuff that will change your life the smoking, weight control, job, house and whatever else you feel is holding you back in life.

If you lose a few friends along the way then to be honest it’s probably for the best. If they are unable to go with you as you changed then they were probably one of the things holding you back in the first place.

Try it, go on I dare you make some small changes try just one. Who knows where it will lead. Get out of your comfort zone grab life and enjoy it.

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Untill next time remember think positive! stay positive!


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