The power of positive thinking

A lot of  people I meet ask me how can they make themselves happy? the answer I give them usually results in a lot of eye rolling and sighs. That’s because the answer is simple, have more happy thoughts.

Now I fully understand why I get that reaction  as the first time somebody  told me that if I wanted to be happier, I needed to think more happy thoughts I did exactly the same and concluded that they were a complete idiot. However over the course of the five days I was with them they produced more and more evidence to back up this seemingly mad claim.

It turns out that its a fact that our thoughts govern our behaviour, and the more we think in a certain way the more we will continue to think in that same way again. For example if you constantly think I am fat or nobody likes me then there is a high probability that this will come true. If you can change your thinking to I am going to be the size I want and I will have friends you will start to put the pieces in place that you need to make this happen.

The changes will not  happen overnight but slowly day by day, your mind thinking positively will start to move you closer towards your goals without you even realizing it.

There are other things that you can do to help yourself a lot of NLP fans will use dream boards with pictures of what we want  to achieve.It could be a nice car or house  or possibly just a statement to spend more time with the kids. Weight loss coaches will sometimes get you to buy the clothes of your dreams and hang it on the wall as a visual reminder of where you are aiming for. The principles are all the same, positive thoughts give positive results negative thoughts give negative results.

Take a look at the diagram below to see how it works


Now this may all sound a bit simple or new age but there is a neurological  law which is called Hebb’s law which states that neurons that fire together wire together. And what that means is the more you think in a certain way the more you will strengthen the neurological connections linking the cell in the mind that allow us to think in a certain way. This is how habitual behaviors are born both good and bad.

However there is another statement of fact promoted by Hebb’s law and that is ‘use it or loss it’ or neurons that fire apart wire apart’. In essence the less we think in a certain way the more likely we are to break the habit.

So stop thinking bad thoughts! you can loss that weight, you can be a success, you can be happy. In fact you more or less can be what ever you want to be. You just need to start with the right thoughts and work from there.

If you would like any help changing negative thought pattens and replacing them with new positive ones, to enable you to move towards your goals feel free to contact me.


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