The power of your words.

The word BUT it’s a small but very powerful word and its one I often here from people I am working with. The conversation usually go’s something like this. How are you finding things, well things are a bit better but.


And then it starts instead of looking at the improvements they have made they just keep on looking at the negative. And as they do this they start to build a wall in their mind. A wall that stops them moving forwards with their life. All their hopes and desires to feel better about themselves brought to shuddering halt by one little word.

Now I can of course quite quickly move them on from this in therapy. But what if you don’t have a Hypnotherapist handy how much damage is you language doing to your quality of life and general happiness?

I have a friend who when asked how are you always without fail replies crap life’s just crap isn’t it. And generally speaking they mean it for them their life is crap, but is it realy?

The words we choose to use are in a way biased interpretations that you make about people, events and your environment.

These interpretations are based on your beliefs, values, self-concepts, human needs, psychological rules, thoughts, perspectives, and much more. They are therefore in essence nothing more than psychological anchors we use to induce specific kinds of emotional states.

So if the words we use have the power to move us forward or hold us back why do some choose to use words that hold them back or in the case of my friend make them feel like crap.

In part its just us copying our parents language patterns after all they did teach us to speak, and the other places we get our language patterns from our friends and what we watch and read.

So is there anything you can do. Yes change what you are reading, watching and listening to, broaden you group of friends so you hear different points of view and with you parents although its hard to do accepting that you can make your own choices and have your own ideas for some is a revelation but doable.

Changing just a few little words can lead to huge changes in your life, who you are today dos not have to be who you are tomorrow if you make the choice to change.



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Beci Mann

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