The seven day smile challenge.


It’s simple! Here’s what you do:

Step 1. Every time you look in the mirror (or catch your reflection) you smile. (Even if you don’t like what you’re wearing or you’re having a bad hair day) you HAVE to smile even if you feel a bit daft.

Step 2. While still smiling you have to find one new thing that you find pleasing about yourself – this can be either something visual or something that makes you feel proud for being YOU. If for some reason you are unable to think of anything just tell your reflection that you are awesome.

The science behind why this works.

Read on to discover the proven scientific facts as to why the “7 Day Smile Challenge” will leave you feeling like the very best version of YOU!

  1. Smiling at our reflection

Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile.
These are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, which in turn releases these chemicals.
Endorphins handle making us feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels.
Better still, faking a smile works as well as the real thing—the brain doesn’t differentiate between real or fake as it interprets the positioning of the facial muscles in the same way. This is known as the facial feedback hypothesis. The more we stimulate our brain to release this chemical the more often we feel happier and relaxed.
The bottom line:
By smiling at your reflection, your brain will start associating happy chemicals in response to the visual of your reflection. Done repeatedly over time you’ll notice that how you feel about how you look will dramatically improve day by day over the seven days.

  1. Thinking positive thoughts when we see our reflection.

Scientist believe that 95% of our emotions are determined by the way we talk to yourself as you go throughout our day. The sad fact is that if we do not deliberately and consciously talk to ourselves in a positive way, we will, by default, pick out our negatives. So it’s important to keep reminding ourselves of the good stuff! See it as a muscle that needs daily flexing, in time it will grow strong and we will feel the best we ever have.
The bottom line:
We and only we control our self-worth. No one else.When we think positive thoughts about ourselves on a daily basis, our confidence and self-worth will grow and will be reflected in how we feel and behave.
Do this every time you see your reflection and the changes in how you feel on a daily basis will be remarkable.

Give it a try you have nothing to lose and only happiness to gain.




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