Weight control and hypnotherapy

Weight loss is probably the most common reason that people come to see a hypnotherapist. Some are just looking to lose a few pounds to look good at a wedding or on the beach and others my have several stone to lose. Most if not all of them have the same thing in common, they have all tried to control their weight with diets and it hasn’t worked for them.There are some very good reasons for this. Diets on the whole only look at your body, how much food are you putting in and how much are you losing through exercise. Now this approach on paper makes perfect sense ,if you eat less food than you need then you will lose weight. In some extreme cases I have come across individuals who have been on as little as six hundred calories a day and yes they have lost weight, but as soon as they have got to the weight they needed they have stopped the diet and the weight has gone back on often with a bit extra for good measure.

The leaves them feeling bad about themselves being fat ,which usually leads to them comfort eating and putting more weight on. So what went wrong, well the problem with diets is because they are only concerned with food and the body they ignore the thing that drives most of us to over eat in the first place our mind. Our mind can drive us to eat for a number of reasons, in some cases we eat to lessen the impact of unpleasant experiences this often starts  in childhood with us being given sweets or cake when we are upset to make us feel better. If we bring this with us from childhood into adulthood it can get out of hand with the one or two sweets replaced with a whole box of doughnuts or a tub of ice cream. Eating for reward and entertainment, from a very early age we are rewarded with food getting pudding only if we eat all our meal first, a packet of crisps or sweets if we behave ourselves .As adults it’s not uncommon to show your appreciation with a bottle of wine or a meal. Eating to gain attention and authority. Larger people get more attention it’s not always good attention but for some people any attention is better than the possibility of none at all.In this case they are usually using their size to hide behind on occasions intimidating others by their size to gain authority . Eating to cope with stress and anxiety. At some point many of us  will have done this as the levels of anxiety and stress rise we reach for the cake tin and dive in and as the pounds pile on we feel more stress about the way we look and dive straight back in again.

So what makes hypnotherapy different? Well first of  all I have to tell you its impossible to hypnotize you slim. In parts the diets are right in that the only way to lose weight is through exercise and controlling what you eat.You will notice it’s what you eat and not necessarily how much you eat.

So how can hypnotherapy help ?Well first i have to tell you that I cannot hypnotise you thin .You will still need a healthy eating and exersise plan in place for this to work .What hypnotherapy can do and infact does do very well is it gives less importance to food as it relates to how good or bad you feel about yourself. At at the same time  I can help you by building up your self confidence and self-esteem so that you can visualize and accept the new slimmer you with the body you realy want and deserve. The desire for the unhealthy foods that you currently crave will begin to lessen at the same time an increase in the drive to eat healthy food will start to increase. You will be given help incorporating the new healthy lifestyle into your daily life as a long-term life choice.This will help you stop  slipping back into old habits as so often happens with diets.

The chances of you achieving the body you want and deserve, losing weight and keeping it off are much higher with hypnotherapy that they are without it. If you would like any help you can contact me on.

07710794052 or you can email me at andynortonhypnotherapy@gmail.com


5 star He is amazing I lost 3 and a half stone after seeing him and being hypnotised, recommended to all! X

Beci Mann

5 star I finally quit smoking!!!

Ruth Smith